Men Championships


Experience the pinnacle of golf excellence with the Mississippi Golf Association Men's Championships. Immerse yourself in the thrill of competition as you compete against some of the finest golfers in the state. Elevate your game, showcase your skills, and forge lasting memories on the green. Join us in celebrating the spirit of the game and the pursuit of greatness.

Women Championships


Step onto the course and into a world of extraordinary competition with the Mississippi Golf Association Women's Championships. Embrace the camaraderie, skill, and passion that define this premier golfing event for women across the state. Unleash your potential, connect with fellow golf enthusiasts, and be part of a tradition that celebrates the prowess of women in golf. Elevate your game, leave your mark, and join us in the pursuit of excellence.

Junior Championships


Ignite your passion for golf and embark on a journey of skill and sportsmanship with the Mississippi Golf Association Junior Championships. Designed for the young and talented, this event is a platform to showcase your golfing prowess, make lasting friendships, and cultivate a love for the game. Seize the opportunity to learn, grow, and compete in an environment that fosters both competition and camaraderie. Join us in shaping the future of golf as we celebrate the rising stars of the sport.

Policies & Eligibility

Click the link below to read through all Eligibility Requirements for Men’s, Women’s, and Junior MGA Championships as well as Policies regarding Withdraws and Refunds of Tournament Entry Fees.

Rules & Regulations

Click the link below to read through Rules and Regulations of our MGA Code of Conduct, Dress Code, Cart and Caddie Regulations.