Get a Handicap

The Mississippi Golf Association offers golf facilities in our state the opportunity to use the World Handicap System™ as an additional benefit to their members or guests.

What is a Golf Handicap?

The purpose of the World Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis.

USGA Course Rating

The USGA Course and Slope Rating is an important piece of the World Handicap System. The Mississippi Golf Association relies on volunteer teams in various regions of the state to complete approximately 20 rating per year.

Using a Handicap Index® at your Club

The Mississippi Golf Association has a simple solution to your handicap and tournament software needs. Below are some details on how you can use these premium products that have proven to be the best-in-class for golf associations and their membership.

Post a Score

Post a score to the World Handicap System from You may also download the USGA GHIN Mobile App by searching in the Google Play Store or through the Apple Store for "USGA GHIN Mobile". Once the App is downloaded enter your GHIN® number and last name to post scores, calculate your Course Handicap™ and view your playing partners handicap.

World Handicap System

The new World Handicap System, implemented in January 202, brings six existing handicap systems under one set of rules. This new system allows for better calculations for golfers of differing ability to play or compete on an equitable basis.

Golf Handicaps