Play Golf Mississippi

How can you get your Play Golf Mississippi Charity License Plate

The Mississippi Golf Association strives to promote this great game that you and I have come to love, while simultaneously raising the funds necessary to support our efforts.

The Play Golf Mississippi Charity Plates are being released to the public on April 9, 2018 and we could not be more excited!

Plates are available upon renewal of your car tag at your County Tax office for $31.00 beginning April 9, 2018. If you were part of the presale of the Play Golf Mississippi Charity Plate, please see below for frequently asked questions. If we can help you further, please let us know.

FAQs for those in the Presale of the Play Golf Specialty Tag:

Below are answers to some common questions concerning the pickup of your tag that was purchased through the presale. Again, we thank you for your support and hope you continue to use the Play Golf Specialty Tags for years to come.

How long do I have to pick up my Play Golf Charity Plate if I preordered?

Customers who were in the presale of the Play Golf Mississippi Charity Plates will have 60 days from the April 9, 2018 date to pick up his or her tag. If the plate is not picked up from the County Tax office by this date, an additional fee of $31 will be due when you pick up the tag. If the tag is not picked up within one year, the tag can be sold to someone else.

What is the cost to pickup my preordered plate?

The fee is $10 to pickup your new Play Golf Specialty Plate. This fee was implemented on October 9, 2017, whereas all counties can charge a $10.00 fee for replacing a customer's original plate with a Specialty Plate.

Why do I need a Charity Plate?

The State of Mississippi has a fantastic program for 501(c)3 Charitable Organizations to assist them in collecting additional funds to support their efforts. The Mississippi Golf Association and Mississippi Junior Golf Foundation are both actively seeking the betterment of the Mississippi Community. These non-profit organizations strive to provide a safe place for the youth of Mississippi to grow and learn positive values. It is our mission to continue to grow the game and we appreciate your continued support.

What if I now reside in a different county from what I registered for in the presale?

Your tag will be available at the county office where you initially registered in the presale of the Play Golf MS charity plate. If you would like to call to confirm where your tag is being held please do so.

How do I get a Play Golf MS Charity Plate if I was not in the Presale?

If you were not in the presale of Play Golf Mississippi Charity Plates all you need to do is ask for the Play Golf tag when you visit your County Tax office to renew your tag. You can even go before your scheduled tag renewal and ask for the new Play Golf tag. Don't be the only car at your golf course without a Play Golf MS Charity Plate.