Does your Club need a Handicap Service?

The Mississippi Golf Association has a simple solution to your Handicap and Tournament Software needs. Below are some details on how you can use these premium products that have proven to be the best-in-class for golf associations and their membership.

GHIN Handicap Service

The GHIIN Handicap System is provided for any MGA Member Club who seeks to provide an additional benefit to their membership in the form of a handicap. The service is now entirely web based and members have access to posting scores via the GHIN Mobile App or through the website, Members receive an eRevision email on the 1st and 15th of every month to inform each golfer of his or her updated Handicap Index and a record of the most recent scores posted by the individual. Please let us know how we can help provide this for your membership by contacting us at /ghin-at-your-club.

BlueGolf Tournament Management at Your Club

As of 2022, the Mississippi Golf Association has transitioned to providing the BlueGolf Tournament Management software for their Member Clubs that use the GHIN Handicap Services. All Member Clubs who use the GHIN services have the option to use the additional feature that assists in tournament operations from start to finish.

BlueGolf is a great product that is extremely user friendly and can greatly reduce the amoung of time required for tournament administration. The availability of printed material, building flights, handicapping, etc., will allow your golf professionals and staff to have more time for the memberhship. The many features available in BlueGolf add a professionalism to your event that is sure to be noticed by participants and sponsors alike.