What are My Options for Membership?

1. Join at a Mississippi Member Club

The Mississippi Golf Association offers golf facilities in our state the opportunity to use the GHIN Handicap Service as an additional benefit to their members or guests. You may consider a membership at a golf facility near you or one of the public facilities who also offer the GHIN Handicap Service. Click Here for a complete list of MGA Member Clubs and who offers the GHIN Handicap Services.

2. Join Online Today

Membership Annual Dues Amenities

Masters Club $35 ($37) Includes a GHIN Handicap Index

Silver $50 ($52) 1 - $25 Championship Tournament Credit

Gold $100 ($104) 2 - $25 Championship Tournament Credits

Platinum $150 ($155) 3 - $25 Championship Tournament Credits

Patron $250 ($259) 3 - $50 Championship Tournament Credits, Recognition on Website Patrons Page and Player Packets Distributed at Championships

Lifetime Member $1500 ($1550) Commemorative Gift, Recognition on Website

*All credit cards used for registration will include a processing fee. Fee listed in parenthesis above.
**A tournament credit may not be applied to a Sanctioned Tournament or the Byran Cup Club Team Championship

3. Start Your Own Club

Do you have friends that you play with frequently at different courses. Perhaps your company or group of playing partners would like to be recognized as a club and keep GHIN Handicaps. Please let us know if you have an interest in this opportunity and we can provide more details on how to get started. A club would need to be formed with a minimum of 20 golfers to meet the general requirements with USGA Licensing.

Masters Club

The Masters Club has been formed as an additional membership option for golfers to have an opportunity to establish a USGA handicap index using the GHIN handicap computation service and eligbility to play in MGA State Championships.

One unique feature of the GHIN handicap computation service is the eRevision. Your USGA Handicap Index information will be e-mailed to you automatically every revision! In addition to your USGA Handicap Index, the eRevision contains other valuable information such as your handicap scoring record, Handicap Index History, and Association News. The eRevision also contains a convenient printable copy of your handicap card that you can cut out and use to verify your Handicap Index. Masters Club Members will receive a handicap label upon request. Please click here to update your email address with the GHIN Service.