World Handicap System

The new World Handicap System, implemented in January 2020, brings six existing handicap systems under one set of rules. This new system allows for better calculations for golfers of differing ability to play or compete on an equitable basis. Key highlights of the changes coming to your handicap in the coming golf season are noted below. We invite you to explore these changes and be informed of what this means to you as a golfer. If you do not already receive emails from the MGA, be sure to stay informed by sending us your email so we can add it to your GHIN Number. Those with an email address in your GHIN Profile will receive all the udpates and educational material on the new WHS.


View these images to help explain the changes to the handicap system



Educational Resources

5 Things to Know About the World Handicap System

FAQs of the World Handicap System (WHS)

Background and Overview of the World Handicap System


Acceptable Scores