Post a Score

Are you Ready to Post a Score to GHIN?

Click Here to post a score to the GHIN Handicap Service from You may also download the GHIN Mobile App by searching in the Google Play Store or through the Apple Store for "GHIN Mobile". Once the App is downloaded enter your GHIN Number and last name to post scores, calculate your Course Handicap and view your playing partners handicap.

What Scores Should I Post?

Section 5 of the USGA Handicap Manual - Click Here

Fair handicapping depends upon full and accurate information regarding a player's potential scoring ability as reflected by a complete scoring record.

To post a 9-hole score, the player must play 7 to 12 holes. To post an 18-hole score, the player must play at least 13 holes under the Rules of Golf.

What is Net Double Bogey?
The Maximum Hole Score Under the World Handicap System

Net Double Bogey is the maximum allowable hole score for handicap purposes. The procedure is typically applied after the round and before a score is posted. However, when the format of play allows, or when playing a recreational round, you can pick up once you've reached your Net Double Bogey limit. Net Double Bogey prevents the occasional bad hole from impacting your Handicap Index too severely.

How is Net Double Bogey Calculated?

Net Double Bogey = Double Bogey +/- any handicap stroked received on a hole (minus applies to a plus-handicap player)

If you post hole-by-hole scores, the Net Double Bogey adjustment should be applied automatically.

When Will I Get a Handicap Index?

A minimum of 5 scores must be posted to receive your first handicap index. Revisions to handicaps are made on the 1st and 15th of the month so if you have 5 scores entered on this date you will receive an index. Handicaps are sent to members by email on this date every month. The email includes a score posted report.