State Amateur Past Champions

The B.F. Spec Wilson Memorial Trophy - Amateur Champion

  About halfway through the past one hundred years of golf in Mississippi came the end of the life of one of the great winners.  This man won the Mississippi Amateur Championship four times, the Mississippi Open three times, and a host of other competitions, especially Championships at Greenwood Country Club, Colonial Country Club and Sunkist Country Club. Spec Wilson, the first golfer to be inducted into the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, was a winner, indeed. His tee to green game gave confidence to most all his opponents, but then came that other game – putting. He was said to be the best putter of all. Sam Snead said so, Bob Toski said so. Ima

gine this: Spec Wilson never missed a putt! Ok, so every putt didn’t go

 in, but he thought it should have. “How did it stay out?” he would often ask. He was ever so confident.

Perhaps his great legacy is not so much that he claimed many titles, but, rather, that he claimed so many friends. In his heyday, the 1950’s, so many great golfers and personalities climbed to the top of their games in Mississippi. Not many of you here today knew Spec, but a youngster in those days (and most of you knew him) was Bob Travis. You all knew Bob Travis as a winner, a truth teller, and a man with just a touch of confidence… Until his last days, Bob would write that Spec was the greatest. What does that tell every one of you about this golfer, Spec Wilson?

When he died in 1967 the State Amateur Championship trophy was named in his honor, it was not so much because of this golf game, it was because of his friends. So if Spec were here today, he would say, “Be certain you are going to win, but w

hen it’s over, count the blessings of having so many friends.”

On the eight day of June in 1967 the Mississippi Golf Association Board of Directors drafted a resolution to rename the 52nd State Amateur Championship as the Spec Wilson Memorial Mississippi Amateur Championship. The trophy now reads as the B.F. "Spec" Wilson State Amateur Championship and will for the century to come.


2021- Cohen Trolio, Mossy Oak Golf Club
2020 - Isaiah Jackson, Annandale Golf Club
2019 - Joesph Deraney, Hattiesburg Country Club

2018 - Wilson Furr, The Preserve Golf Club

2017 - Ross Bell, Canebrake Country Club

2016 - Clay Homan, Reunion Golf & Country Club

2015 - Wilson Furr, Country Club of Jackson

2014 - Nick Beale, Dancing Rabbit Golf Course - Azalea Course

2013 - Steve Wilson, Grand Bear Golf Course

2012 - Clay Homan, Reunion Golf & Country Club

2011 - Clay Homan,  Old Waverly Golf Club

2010 - Fletcher Johnson, Country Club of Jackson

2009 - Jonathan Randolph, Windance Country Club

2008 - Trey Denton, Tunica National Golf Club

2007 - Steve Wilson, Reunion Golf & Country Club

2006 - Kyle Ellis, Dancing Rabbit Golf Club - Azalea Course

2005 - Clay Homan, Hattiesburg Country Club

2004 - Michael Stringer, Annandale Golf Club

2003 - Rett Crowder, Tupelo Country Club

2002 - Lane Pippin, Canebrake Country Club

2001 - Rett Crowder, Old Waverly Golf Club

2000 - Rett Crowder, Country Club of Jackson

1999 - Rett Crowder, Timberton Country Club

1998 - Rett Crowder, Dancing Rabbit Golf Club

1997 - Gary Martin, Diamondhead Country Club - Pine Course

1996 - David Coleman, Castlewoods Country Club

1995 - Benji Nelson, Laurel Country club

1994 - Clay Homan, Colonial Country Club - Deerfield

1993 - Chad Ginn, Timberton Country Club

1992 - Rett Crowder, Country Club of Jackson

1991 - Chad Ginn, Tupelo Country Club

1990 - Steve Pope, Clarksdale Country Club

1989 - Watt Whatley, Windance Country Club

1988 - Ken Graeber, Castlewoods Country Club

1987 - Lan Gooch, Hattiesburg Country Club

1986 - Vance Veazey, Clarksdale Country Club

1985 - Leigh Brannan, Laurel Country Club

1984 - Darren Cole, Hattiesburg Country Club

1983 - Gary Martin, Colonial Country Club - Deerfield

1982 - David Allen, Tupelo Country Club

1981 - David Allen, Country Club of Jackson

1980 - Johnny Lang, Northwood Country Club

1979 - Joe Iupe Jr., Columbus Country Club

1978 - Mike Taylor, Diamondhead Country Club

1977 - Mike Taylor, Vicksburg Country Club

1976 - Johnny Lang, Belwood Country Club

1975 - Mike Taylor, Live Oaks Golf Club

1974 - Mike Taylor, Northwood Country Club

1973 - Mike Taylor, Clarksdale Country Club

1972 - Mike Taylor, Hickory Hill Country Club

1971 - Ed Meeks, Greenwood Country Club

1970 - Mike Taylor, Dixie Golf Club

1969 - Charles Rea, Briarwood Country Club

1968 - Mike Taylor, Shady Oaks Country Club

1967 - Bob Travis, Laurel Country Club

1966 - Mike Taylor, Northwood Country Club

1965 - Mike Taylor, Country Club of Jackson

1964 - Mickey Bellande, Edgewater Park Golf Club

1963 - Joe Corbet, Greenwood Country Club

1962 - Bobby Harrell, Hattiesburg Country Club

1961 - Bob Travis, Clarksdale Country Club

1960 - Ham Carothers, Laurel Country Club

1959 - B.F. Spec Wilson, Vicksburg Country Club

1958 - Al Bange, Great Southern Golf Club

1957 - H.P. Childress, Greenville Country Club

1956 - L.T. Spulger, Sunkist Country Club

1955 - Eddie Merrins, Greenwood Country Club

1954 - B.F. Spec Wilson, Great Southern Country Club

1953 - Eddie Merrins, Northwood Country Club

1952 - B.F. Spec Wilson, Laurel Country Club

1951 - B.F. Spec Wilson, Country Club of Jackson

1950 - Eddie Merrins Great Southern Golf CLub

1949 - Eugene Vinson - Vicksburg Country Club

1948 - H.G. Weddington, Laurel Country Club

1947 - H.G. Weddington, Northwood Country Club

1946 - Doc Powell, Greenwood Country Club

1945 - Curtis Person, Gulf Hills Golf Club

1944 - Andy Plyler, Country Club of Jackson

1943 - Maynard Craft, Country Club of Jackson

1942 - Spec Herron, Country Club of Jackson

1941 - Curtis Person, Great Southern Golf Club

1940 - Eugene Vinson, Greenwood Country Club

1939 - H.G. Weddington, Laurel Country Club

1938 - Eugene Vinson, Gulf Hills Golf Club

1937 - L.V. Dukes, National Park Club

1936 - L.V. Dukes, Country Club of Jackson

1935 - Tom Walsh, Greenwood Country Club

1934 - Jim Patrick Northwood Country Club

1933 - Eugene Vinson, Laurel Country Club

1932 - Eugene Vinson, National Park Club

1931 - Eugene Vinson, Country Club of Jackson

1930 - Bob Gormley, Laurel Country Club

1929 - Bob Gormley, Greenwood Country Club

1928 - Oren Williams, Gulf hills Golf Club

1927 - C.W. Kittleman, Country Club of Jackson

1926 - Bob Gormley, Laurel Country Club

1925 - Oren Williams

1924 - C.W. Kittleman

1923 - C.W. Kittleman, Greenwood Country Club

1922 - C.W. Kittleman

1921 - Dick Newkirk, Laurel Country Club

1920 - W.E. Ware, Hattiesburg Country Club

1919 - J.B. Perry, Country Club of Jackson

1918 - No Tournament, WWI

1917 - C.W. Kittleman, Country Club of Jackson

1916 - Dr. L.D. Granlolf, Great Southern Golf Club

1915 - W.E. Ware, Country Club of Jackson