State Four-Ball Past Champions

H.G. Weddington Trophy - State Four-Ball Champions

2020 - Ed Wall and Neil Trimm, Dancing Rabbit                                                       

2019 - Brett Parker and Josh Lampley, Deerfield Golf Club

2018 - Trey Denton and Hal Lusk, Hattiesburg Country Club

2017 - Eddie Brescher III and Philip Heine, Hattiesburg Country Club

2016 - Josh Lampley and Brett Parker, Hattiesburg Country Club

2015 - Ben Snow and Stephen Yelverton, Laurel Country Club

2014 - Edward Wall and Zach Longrrear, Tupelo Country Club

2013 - Justin Elliott and Steve Wilson, Canebrake Country Club

2012 - Justin Elliott and Matt Wofford, Colonial Country Club (Deerfield)

2011 - Justin Elliott adn Matt Wofford, Canebrake Country Club

2010 - Alan Ellis and Robert Pannell, Windance Country Club

2009 - Scott Rhodes and Ham Bates, Hattiesburg Country Club

2008 - Michael Dowst and Stephen Yelverton, Quail Hollow Golf Course

2007 - Beck Troutman and Donny Holman, Jr., Beau Pre' Country Club

2006 - Steve Wilson and Gary Martin, Canebrake Country Club

2005 - Beck Troutman and Donny Holman, Jr., Canebrake Country Club/Laurel Country Club

2004 - Austin Brown and Joel Myrick, Timberton Golf Club/Hattiesburg Country Club

2003 - Benji Nelson and Rett Crowder, Hattiesburg Country Club/Timberton Golf Club

2002 - Donny Holman, Jr. and Michael Hodges, Patrick Farms Golf Club

2001 - Judge Little and Dan Angero, Canebrake Country Club

2000 - Don Hershfelt and Bill Collins, Tupelo Country Club

1999 - Judge Little and Dan Angero, Quail Hollow Golf Course

1998 - David Coleman and Benji Nelson, Timberton Golf Club

1997 - Rett Crowder and Jeff Wilson, Castlewoods Country Club

1996 - Tico Hoffman and Max Maxwell, Timberton Golf Club

1995 - Tico Hoffman and Max Maxwell, Hattiesburg Country Club

1994 - Royce Wilkinson and Robert Willis, Timberton Golf Club

1993 - Chris Mills and Don Hershfelt, Laurel Country Club

1992 - Bob Travis and Grady McCool, Timberton Golf Club

1991 - Tico Hoffman and Max Maxwell, Castlewoods Country Club

1990 - Duke Simmons and David Hinton, Castlewoods Country Club

1989 - Watt Whatley and Vance Veazy, Northwood Country Club

1988 - Mike Taylor and Randy Pool, Laurel Coutry Club

1987 - Mike Taylor and Randy Pool, Laurel Country Club

1986 - Schley Purvis and Greg Mitchell, Castlewoods Country Club

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