Junior Golf History

History of the Mississippi Junior Golf Association

The Mississippi Junior Golf Association was founded in 2000. However, several tournaments date back prior to the founding of the association. The Cup Matches began in 1999 and were in the beginning a team from North Mississippi versus a team from South Mississippi. This format of team selection was changed in 2006 when the points series was used to evenly place junior golfers on the Nicklaus Team or Palmer Team. 

In 2011 the Mississippi Junior Golf Association was approached by Wyatt Boyett from Louisiana to start a Ryder Cup format of matches between Louisiana junior golfers and Mississippi junior golfers. The matches were a huge success and in 2013 the Louisiana Golf Association became involved to assist in the matches and be a part of the team selection of Louisiana junior golfers. The matches continue to gain popularity. To see results of past matches - Click Here.

Until 2012, the Mississippi Boys and Girls Junior Amateur were separate with the Girls Junior Amateur being hosted by the Mississippi Women's Golf Association. During the 2012 season, the two amateurs were merged and played at the Country Club of Jackson at one time. The championship was successful and has continued to be hosted at the same time from that point forward. For complete results of the Junior Amateur - Click Here.

History of the BankPlus Junior Pro Am

The first Junior Pro Am was held in 2006. Junior players are invited based on their ranking in the points series from the season.