Junior Cup Matches




2016 Mississippi Junior Cup Matches

April 30-May 1

Greenwood Country Club



Team Palmer

Saturday - Grey

Sunday - Blue

Team Nicklaus

Saturday - Blue

Sunday - Grey

Patton Kincaid

Joshua Larsen

Wells Williams

Jon Wesley Lovelace

David Beard III

Tripp Rush

Eli Mitchell

Walker Gibens

Brandon Walker

Carlee Nanney

Griffin Agent

Cole Baggett

Benjamin Nelson

Brett Foreman

Lucas Agent

William Barrier

Collins Trolio

Hayes Smith

Chip Barber

Connor Gee

John P Henson

Matt Billingsley

Cohen Trolio

Carson Butler

Matt Liddon

Presley Baggett

David Mason

Cameron Clarke

Jake Crosson

Tate Dickerson

Martin Bell

Channing Curtis



Format & Eligibility

Entry Procedure

Age Groups

All matches will be 18 holes. Ryder Cup format: Four-Ball Match Play and Singles Match Play. Each match is worth 1 point. 


Teams are invited based on the previous year point standings. Eligible participants must be residents of Mississippi.


Teams are drafted the night prior to the first matches on Saturday.

Entry Fee:  $150



Divisions will play matches within the division that he or she qualified inthe previous year.

Practice Round

Host Hotel

Extra Tournament Info

Please call the Greenville Pro Shop to reserve a practice round.

Hampton Inn- Greenville

             Rate: 121 plus tax

             Number to reserve: 662-335-7515

             Junior Cup Matches

Spectator Carts will be first come first serve basis.

Rules and Regulations

All entrants agree to abide by all MJGA Rules and Regulations concerning dress codes, gentlemanly conduct on the Club premises and course beverage policies. Individuals may not bring beverages on the club premises. Contestants (and their caddies) are to observe proper golf etiquette at all times. Any abuse or disrespect of fellow competitors, officials, spectators, employees of the host facility, or other persons conducting or attending an MJGA sponsored event can be grounds for disqualification from the event and possible rejection of entry for future MJGA events. Such abuse may be verbal or physical or threat thereof and includes, but is not limited to: the use of obscene language, physical damage to property or equipment of the MJGA or host facility. Appropriate golf attire is required at all MGA events. This includes collared shirts with sleeves that must be properly tucked in at all times, walking shorts or slacks. The dress code of the host facility will prevail if there is any question. All MJGA Tournaments are soft spoke only events.


Team Members

Matt Liddon

Tate Dickerson Tripp Rush Patton Kincaid Presley Baggett
Griffin Agent Brett Forman Cohen Trolio Wells Williams Carlee Nanney
Cameron Clarke Martin Bell Carson Butler Collins Trolio  
Cole Baggett William Barrier David Beard Hayes Smith  
Brandon Walker Lucas Agent John Henson Joshua Larsen  
Benjamin Nelson David Mason Eli Mitchell Chip Barber  
Channing Curtis Jake Crosson Matt Billingsley Connor Gee  
Walker Giben Jon Wesley Lovelace