Governor's Cup



2018 Governor's Cup






The Governor's Cup is a Ryder cup format. Team Mississippi competes with Team Arkansas in Four-Ball Match Play, Foursome (alternate shot) Match Play and Singles Match Play. Each match is worth 1 point.


Golf Schedule

Social Events

The cup team is comprised of 20 competitors; 10 regular, 8 sernior and 2 super senior. The team is selected from the player of the year points from the previous year.

Thursday: Practice Round


Friday Morning: Four-Ball Matches

Friday Afternoon: Foursome Matches


Saturday Morning: Singles Matches



2017 Team Mississippi

2017 Team Arkansas

Peter Marks (Super Senior)

Brother Sandifer (Super Senior)

Joey Landrum (Senior)

Robert Pannell (Senior)

Paul Hunt (Senior)

Rickey Riley (Senior)

David Griffin (Senior)

David Sellers (Senior)

Ricky Sims (Senior)

Greg Brooking (Senior)

Steve Wilson

Scott Rhodes

Joel Myrick

Josh Lampley

Ethan Smith

Richard Reed

Brett Parker

Brandon Laird

Eddie Brescher

Rodney Boswell

Ronny Ocker (Senior)

John Tetens (Senior)

Bev Hargraves (Senior)

Ben Loftis (Senior)

Bobby Baker (Senior)

Gene Davis (Senior)

Kirby Webb (Senior)

David Shirey (Senior)

Mark Bradshaw (Senior)

Dick Simpson (Senior)

Trey Schaap

Chris Jenkins

Wes McNulty

Stephen Cox

Beau Glover

Kevin Walker

Chris Dixon

Stafford Gray

Stan Payne

Gordy McKeown