Amateur Status

The USGA and The R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland have interpreted the Rules of Amateur Status along with the Rules of Golf. The two have defined the rules by which amateur players should play this game. The Mississippi Golf Association and Mississippi Junior Golf Association hosts championships for the Amateur Golfer. For more information on reinstatement as an amateur golfer please select the links below to be connected with more details or contact the USGA Department of Amateur Status directly by phone or email below.

Cash Prizes

May an amateur play in a competition that awards cash prizes? If an amateur golfer wants to play in a competition that awards cash prizes, he or she can remain an amateur by waiving the right to accepting prize money. This must be done prior to playing. A form must be completed and returned to the Mississippi Golf Association to retain amateur status - Click Here to View Form.

Rules of Amateur Status - Click Here

Apply for Reinstatement - Click Here

USGA Rules of Amateur Status

Phone: 908-326-1025