Junior Sportsmanship Award

The Junior Sportsmanship Award is presented annually to the Junior Golfer who shows sincere and unwavering sportsmanship on and off the golf course. This person respects the etiquette of the Game, while equally respecting his or her opponents. From remaining humble in victory, yet supportive in defeat, this person shows the class and behavior that the Game of Golf was formed upon. Players are observed throughout the MJGA season to see who stands out above the rest as a true sportsman. The honor of receiving this award is long-lasting and a true testament to the character of the recipient. The sportsmanship award was first awarded in 2005 at the Junior Cup Matches. Previous Junior Sportsmanship Award winners are listed below.

2015 - Walker Gibbens, Tupelo

2014 - John Michael Miller, Gulfport

2013 - Kathleen Gallagher, Greenwood

2012 - Matt Liddon, Yazoo City

2011 - TJ Morgan, Vardaman

2010 - Nicholas Cobb, Madison

2009 - Thomas Gallagher, Greenwod

2008 - Charles Henry Goodwin, Madison

2007 - Ben Breedlove, Greenwood

2006 - Fletcher Johnson, Tupelo

2005 - Thomas Watkins, Madison